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Being more frugal with time.

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

This just popped into my head so I am going to vibe with it a bit and see what happens. FIRST OFF! I have a belief that inspiration comes from taking in new information and allowing your nonconscious self play with it. So I thiiink that this phrase "Be more frugal with time" didn't just pop up because God willed it so. Another side track: I saw a trailer for a movie called The Trump Philosophy. It is based off the true events of someone believing God sent them the message that Trump is meant to be president. Just sayin.

Now that I have those two things out of my head I will now hang with the idea of being more frugal with my time. I first learned to be frugal after I moved away from home and started to pay rent. After realizing that if I kept spending money on League of Legends skins I would be homeless I put a cap on my "fun coupons" Using the transitive property, thanks Mrs. Ferrell, I should be able to put that same process into how I spend my time.

Being totally upfront on this before I had the idea pop into my head I spent about four hours watching Among Us content on YouTube. No one will call me the Warren Buffet of time investment. We can change though! I am no longer the boy who shits himself or tries parkour in random places in public.

Going back to math could we set up the problem like this for time I think: time in day-(sleep+work)= time left over. Remember PEMDAS people. If you did the math correctly you will have the amount of hours in a day you can spend.

Lets look at that as a valuable and nonrenewable resource like cold hard cash. Because it is. With the reframing of time would you tell your friend that spending four hours watching Among Us youtube videos a valuable investment? I would say no. That is unless those videos happen to have any two or three of the following streamers: Ludwig, Sykkuno, Corpse, or Disguised Toast.

We should look at our time as something we should dispense with more discipline. Make the mental connections of scrolling through TikTok like buying a blanket/sweater combo. Sure, a comfy is cool as fuck but is it the best way to spend your hard earned money? Maybe we should invest time into the things that help us be more healthy(working out and making dinner).

Fuck, I think the only thing I have helped with is remembering PEMDAS. I don't know if reframing the problem of time spent is helpful yet and I don't even know if buying a comfy is a bad investment. Well, it looks like both myself and you loyal reader have once again wasted our valuable time.

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Brice Harvey
Brice Harvey
23 nov. 2020

While writing this I pulled up the Comfy website because I wasn't sure I remembered the right name of the super dapper blanket. Afterwards I pulled up YouTube and the ad shown to me was a comfy ad.

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