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A Mission Statement I guess?

Updated: Dec 11, 2020

I have started writing probably dozen different things I want to put here and deleted them. I have had the idea of things to add countless times and not even opened this page to follow though. How am I going to fix that? I am going to write a Mission Statement so I can give myself the guide to what should be on here.


A mission statement is suppose to tell why you are doing what you are doing and what makes you different. Oof

One part of this is I am trying to build a space that is full of what I find to be useful information that smarter and harder working people than myself has figured out and made digestible to others. You can truly learn anything on YouTube and with a good Google search. This site is a place where I can put all those nuggets into one spot and keep them handy for myself and others.

The other part of this is to also get myself out there with my own thoughts(side note I have deleted that sentence about three times because I don't feel comfortable putting my own thoughts out) I spend a lot of time collecting and distilling information myself and I think I can package those thoughts pretty well. Do I think all of my thoughts are perfect? Hell no. I know I will be wrong and that is scary in a public forum but I need to kick that fear to the side so I can grow myself. Fuck. I also fancy myself a bit of a writer and would like to add podcasts to what I do so that I guess is another part of this site.

Lastly on what I am doing here... My big big BIG dream is to help upgrade people's understanding of each other and communication skills. That means exploring philosophy, storytelling, rhetoric, science, and politics. Something to be clear on: I don't want to tell you what to think but ask you if you want to think. This will be a place with ideas so there will be others trying to tell you what to think and I won't always agree with them but find their perspective interesting and worthwhile to chew on.

Alright! So not concise yet but I have half of the mission statement concept out there at least. Next part is what makes me different.

Going back on something I said earlier is probably the answer? I don't want to tell you what to think but ask you if you want to think. I will not be putting things here that I believe as gospel but just things that I hope make you go 'hmmm'. I will be cultivating a space that has multiple points of views that aim to make sense to someone looking at that viewpoint from the outside.


Mission statement for

NuggetsAndNotes is aiming to spread both fun and valuable knowledge in a fun and valuable way.

NuggetsAndNotes is a place to learn and better understand the world you are stuck on.

NuggetsAndNotes is a site that is made to stroke Brice's ego. Look at this big brain at work!

NuggetsAndNotes strives to help inform others on the interesting ideas and views of others.

NuggetsAndNotes is an ongoing collection of knowledge to help you grow.


I am done with this so far. No one mission statement yet but hopefully with some time I will nail this thing down.

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