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This is a place for the beginning of a journey. I will not be leading you down a path I have paved but instead allow you to see me figure out the path and walk it.

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One of my favorite words is eclectic. Here I will put the different directions of my interests into one space. You will see my attempts at diving into diverse subjects and what I glean from them. Hopefully, I will learn to explain them well and you will choose to engage in them with me. 

I have put things into two different categories: NUGGETS is where you will find work done originally by me. This will range from essays, stories, and poems. 

NOTES is where you will find other people's work along with any comments I want to make on them. 

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Being more frugal with time.

This just popped into my head so I am going to vibe with it a bit and see what happens. FIRST OFF! I have a belief that inspiration comes...

My Café

The most important detail to get right is the coffee. It isn’t the caffeine that is important. It’s the smell and flavor of it. The steam...

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I love learning. I spend time going down Google and YouTube rabbit holes to find out more about what ever has caught my attention lately....

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